Archiving Data 101

In this video Damon will be discussing Data Archiving and the how this differs to backups. 
This will be covering data archiving from a home users perspective right the way up to enterprise users. 

The main topics in the video also include the following

1. What archive data isn't
2. The different data types (static or inactive)
3. The benefits of archiving data
4. Storage media for Archiving
5. The different way to implement an archive.

Optical in 2021 and beyond

Optical media offers some real tangible benefits in 2021. it should be considered an addition to cloud and magnetic technologies but only if your data is right for the media. Lets find out if your data is right for optical media. 

  1. You need to keep the data from being changed - when data is burned to an inorganic compound by the lasers no ransomware or users can delete or change it
  2. You need to keep data for 100 years- optical is tested for storing data for 100 years
  3. You need media that has unique properties - optical is not affected by magnets, EMP events or solar storms - it can be stored in a standard office environment - it can also survive being submerged 
  4. You need fast random access to your data 
  5. Data integrity is critical - Sonys optical disk has the lowest bit error rate of any storage media making it 100x more reliable than hard drives with a bit error rate of 10 to 15 - this statistically means if you store 11pb on hard disk you would have 100 bits of data that are incorrectly stored - the Sony ODA would have 0

Sony's 3rd gen of ODA provides all of the benefits storing 5.5 tb on a single cartridge. and transferring data at 375 mb/s 

Join us at Channel Live Virtual event

Channel Live Mercia Solutions Exhibitor page

We are pleased to announce that we will be attending both Channel live events in 2021 along with PoINT Software and Systems. Channel live is an ICT trade specific exhibition, the only one of its kind in the UK.. 
The first event is the channel live virtual event taking place between the 3rd and 4th of March.  


Alan Pratt, Chief Security, Science and Innovation Officer, Home Office, presented the 14th annual ADS Security Innovation Awards on the opening day of Security & Policing 2019 in Farnborough.

Mercia Solutions was awarded the runners-up position in the competition for MediaStation, a networked system for downloading and transferring video, images and audio following forensic procedures that has been used evidentially by emergency services for disaster victim identification, saving hundreds of hours of police time through remote identification processing.