IBM Diamondback Tape Library

Hugo Paradigm

Leveraging over 20 years of storage advancements, IBM Diamondback offers large-scale, long-term data storage solutions with the unparalleled cyber protection that only tape technology can provide.


The IBM Diamondback has been created to significantly reduce power and cooling needs, contributing to a smaller carbon footprint compared to spinning disk storage. This is because tapes remain inactive and consume no energy while stored in automated libraries, and only consume power when accessed. Tape's long lifespan of up to 30 years also makes it an ideal solution for long-term data storage.


Ransomware protection and cyber resiliency

Globally, organizations are facing increased pressure to fortify their defenses against malware and data breaches. Tape technology offers an added layer of protection by physically isolating data, enhancing resilience against security threats.

Ransomware protection and cyber resiliency

Data capacity and storage costs

IBM Tape storage is significantly less expensive, costing only a quarter of the total cost of spinning disk storage and public cloud archival services, providing a substantial cost advantage.


  • Store up to 69.5 PB compressed data in a single 8 square foot library with LTO-9 cartridges.

  • Full-capacity licensing - Store up to 1,548 usable LTO-9 data cartridges in an 8 square foot floor space.

  • Multiple tape interfaces - Deploy individual libraries with any supported LTO-9 tape drive, including SAS-12, Fibre Channel 8Gb single and multi-mode.

  • Performance on demand - Supports any combination of drive counts from 1 to 14 with field drive count expansion up to the 14.

  • Security Rich - Enhance security and regulatory compliance with data encryption and write once read many (WORM) media.

  • IBM Spectrum® Archive support - Simplify access to data stored on tape cartridges through IBM Spectrum Archive, featuring IBM Linear Tape File System (LTFS) technology.

  • LTO Ultrium compatible - Support up to 45 TB of compressed data storage per cartridge (18 TB native). Use new LTO generation 9 cartridges.

  • Optional rack space - Reduce your storage footprint and simplify cabling with extra rack space above the library for power distribution units, and more.

  • Open-system servers - Simplify your storage environment and enable flexibility for growth and change in your data center.