Police forces and investigators expend large amounts of resources collecting evidence in a wide variety of situations and we believe that when it comes to recording and transferring this information and data for storage it should be done so in a way that stands up to the harshest of scrutiny in court so as to ensure the efforts taken to collect it have not been wasted.

In order to stand up to such scrutiny and maintain its integrity the transfer of evidential data collected on a memory card should be both more thorough and more straightforward than the processes used to transfer data and photographs to a computer in other circumstances - for example wedding or holiday photos - unless, of course, these wedding and holiday photos and videos also need the following:

  • data verification
  • evidential copies
  • metadata extraction and display
  • individual frame timecode information
  • digital fingerprints to ensure no digital or human tampering

A good data collection process should in fact start before any data is even recorded - for example before you shoot photographs or videos.  Is the device used to record the data set up correctly and is the operator trained to use it?  More importantly than this do you have a clean, working memory card? Has it been checked for errors to ensure it can be written on?

Has the memory card been forensically erased?  

If not you will have images from weeks possibly even months ago on the memory card, what happens if you lose this card?

The Transfer Method

A good system for transferring data off memory cards should be quick and simple, and eliminate steps where errors can be introduced.

Card reader & computer

      Use a memory card reader to plugged into a computer in order to drag & drop data files using, for example, Microsoft File Manager software.  Typically a system used to transfer holiday photographs and videos onto a home computer for editing and printing. 

Evidential integrity

+ Image displayed
- No audit trail
- No proof files transferred are the same
- No forensic image
- No verification on transfer
- Card not tested
- Card not forensically wiped

Backup device

Stand alone hardware.  This is typically used by professional photographers who do not need either a robust system or one that carries out any forensic processes or data verification.

Evidential integrity

  • No audit trail
  • No proof files transferred are the same
  • No forensic image
  • No verification on transfer
  • Card not tested
  • Card not forensically wiped

+ Verification on transfer
+ WORM media
- No visual display of images
- No audit trail
- No forensic image
- Card not tested
- Card not forensically wiped


Mercia's solutions

Purpose built products and/or specialist workstations provided by Mercia Solutions.

Evidential integrity

+ Image displayed
+ Full audit trail
+ Proof files transferred are the same
+Forensic image with digital seal
+Full verification on transfer
+ Card is tested
+ Card is forensically wiped

We can provide you with a solution that's..

Standalone or Networked

Operates as a standalone device to local storage or optical media but can optionally be connected to a secure network.


Fully portable - e.g. can be taken on site if a team are collecting large amounts of data that needs quick processing 

Digital Finger Print

All data is digitally finger printed - e.g. files retrieved at any later date can be verified to be exactly as they were at the moment of collection.      

Forensic Transfer

Provides forensic transfer facilities - e.g. data is forensically transferred and checked and the output is then transferred into a force network.  The stand alone system bridges the gap between an insecure network and a secure police network ensuring nothing unwanted is being transferred.


Fast video file processing - e.g. large amounts of video files can be forensically processed and every frame recorded time stamped with automated systems removing the need for operators to manually process using proprietary third party systems. 


Data verification - all data is read twice and an automated system of check sums and verifications are used to verify data has been transferred correctly

Solutions to transfer memory cards


The MediaStation is the complete solution for transferring video, images and audio from digital devices and media.

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