Once data has been collected, a system to manage, process and view this data is essential to ensure its effective use.  There are solutions available that have grown to fit the job of batch processing large amounts of data.  For example (DAMS) Digital Asset Management software facilitates quick display and management of photographs and photographic data that have been collected and fed into a network.  However, DAMS, and the systems like it, have some flaws if the data inputed is not correctly collected and transferred:

  • only jpeg files are used
  • data is not verified at the time of collection from data cards
  • data cards are not forensically wiped ready for safe and effective re-use
  • evidential copies are not produced
  • digital fingerprints are not added


If committed to a system a more simple and effective way would be to evidentially manage the data in an automated fashion and then feed it into the working software system (e.g. DAMS) for display, review and processing.   

Mercia Solutions can provide forces and services already using the DAMS system a stand alone product to feed data into the network - ensuring not only the above points, but also the provision of a secure bridge between any possibly insecure data and networks, and secure force networks.

The second important issue that arises from using systems such as DAMS is the need to build extra storage and capabilities to try and meet evidential requirements.  This is, of course, possible but is expensive and means involving another third party company, along with their technicians and support, in the process.

Thirdly there are large potential margins for error in many existing data collection and management systems.  Points of failure could, for example, occur at initial memory card transfer (link to page), with server and network connections and speeds, or with either operator and/or infrastructure failure in getting data safely into a digital asset management system.  These problems may only arise at a later date when the original data is lost and it is too late to do anything about it.

Mercia Solutions believes that a better solution is to take a forensic copy of the original data collected and back this up on a separate system - at the same time using a simple system for the management and review of hot and warm data.

We can provide:

  • the complete system from initial data processing through to batch processing, reproduction, and data storage solutions
  • a secure link between networks for data collection and transmission
  • front end hardware solutions to feed data into DAMS systems
  • front end software solutions to feed data into systems DAMS 
  • digital asset management for existing systems
  • simple evidential solutions for data and evidence access and reproduction for use in court