IBM TS4500 Tape Library

The IBM TS4500 Tape Library is tailored for medium to large enterprises to address cloud storage issues. It features the latest LTO technology and IBM's enterprise-level technology to manage growing data requirements of modern tape applications. These issues include rapid growth of cloud and hybrid cloud data, rising storage costs, difficulty in transferring data between different vendor platforms, and more.

Implement flexible growth

Expand from both the right and left side of the first L-frame, as models can be placed in any functional position.

Implement flexible growth

Utilize dynamic storage management

Create and change logical libraries and configure any drive into any logical library.

Utilize dynamic storage management


  • Store up to 351PB (1,053PB compressed) per library using IBM 3592 cartridges
  • Proactively monitor archived data through policy-based media verification
  • Enhance security and meet regulatory requirements through encryption and write-once, read-many (WORM) storage.
  • Make it easier for users to access data stored on tape using IBM Spectrum Archive.
  • Offer a scalable solution for expanding tape storage as requirements increase.
  • Reduce the storage footprint and simplify cabling with 10U of rack space

Specs at a glance

Frame definition

  • L25—Base frame for TS1160, TS1155, TS1150, and TS1140 (3592) drives and cartridges—includes 32 input/output (I/O) slots

  • D25—Drive-capable and storage expansion frame for TS1160, TS1155, TS1150 and TS1140 (3592) drives and cartridges

  • S25—Storage-only expansion frame for 3592 cartridges

  • L55—Base frame for LTO drives and cartridges—includes 36 I/O slots

  • D55—Drive-capable and storage expansion frame for LTO drives and cartridges

  • S55—Storage-only expansion frame for LTO cartridges

Tape Drive Types

  • TS1160, TS1155, TS1150, and TS1140 (3592), LTO Ultrium 8, 7, 6 and 5 tape drives

Number of frames per library

  • One base frame, up to 17 expansion frames with maximum of 7 Dx5 frames

Number of drives

  • Up to 16 per frame (up to 12 in frame 1)

  • Up to 128 per library

Number of tape cartridges

  • L25—up to 660 (up to 550 in frame 1)

  • D25—up to 740 (up to 590 in frame

  • S25—up to 1,000 (up to 798 in frame 1)

  • Total supported per library: up to 17,550

  • L55—up to 882 (up to 730 in frame 1)

  • D55—up to 970 (up to 774 in frame 1)

  • S55—up to 1,320 (up to 1,054 in frame 1)

  • Total supported per library: up to 23,170


  • 3592 advanced cartridges: up to 351 PB per library (1,053 PB with 3:1 compression)

  • LTO Ultrium 8 cartridges: up to 278 PB per library (up to 695 PB with 2.5:1 compression)

*Capacity depends on drives installed, number and type of cartridges used, and compression ratio achieved. Listed capacity is physical. Usable capacity may be less.