Optical Jukeboxes

Manage from a few discs in a tower to thousands of discs with an optical Jukebox.

Mercia Solutions has a lot of experience with optical jukeboxes such as HIT Netzon, JVC, Pioneer, NSM, Disc, Kodak and Plasmon.

An optical jukebox solution consists of three main components. A jukebox or tower, the software, and the server.

The jukeboxes have multiple components. A robot or picker to move the discs, a slot or shelves to hold the discs, and a mailslot to load and unload discs from the jukebox while it’s operational and drives to read and write the discs.

The jukeboxes can support all media types and have mixed media loaded CD, DVD, DVD RAM, and Blu-Ray.

Here is a demonstration of an optical Jukebox: