Optical Media

We offer a wide range of different sized optical discs ranging from 4.5GB DVDs all the way through to 128GB BD-R XL BluRay discs. All the media we offer is apporved for use with our MediaStation Pro product. For a full list of the media we offer please see below.

The Media We Offer:

  • DVD-R - 4.5 GB

  • DVD+R/DL - 8.5 GB

  • BD-R - 25GB

  • BD-R/DL - 50GB

  • BD-R/TL - 100GB

  • BD-R/QL - 128GB

(BD = BluRay Disc, DL = Dual Layer, TL = Tri Layer, QL = Quad Layer)

Sony ODA Cartridges:

  • Sony ODA Cartridge Generation 1 - 300GB*, 600GB, 1.2TB and 1.5TB

  • Sony ODA Cartridge Generation 2 - 3.3TB write-once (ODC3300R)

  • Sony ODA Cartridge Generation 3 - 5.5TB, write-once (ODC5500R)

*(ODC300R, ODC300RE, ODC600R, ODC600RE, ODC1200RE, ODC1500R)

Printing services

We can offer a professional printing service for all capacities of optical media. You can either send us a design or we'll work with you to make one that suits your needs. Please contact us for further details on this.

Printing services