The Forensic Memory Card Transfer Solution

We have updated our original mediastation solution to support cloud storage technology. The brand new mediastation gives users the ability to easily transfer their data quickly and securely.

This streamlined solution makes transferring your data into the cloud easier and faster than ever. Insert a memory card into the mediastation and with a few clicks on the touchscreen your data will be sent to a Microsoft Azure appliance. We know how important the security of your data is. The whole process is encrypted end to end which ensures your data cannot be intercepted or tampered with in any way.

On top of this the new mediastation offers all the benefits of the other versions such as touchscreen control, secure erasure and seamless integration with your existing systems. This makes the cloud edition a fast, secure and complete back office solution for transferring your data to the cloud.

Key Features

Transfer Data to the cloud

The cloud edition allows you to transfer data straight to the cloud

Capture Metadata

Metadata can be entered at the time of download. This can then be used for auditing and integration with other systems streamlining workflow.

Secure Erase & Testing

Wipe media securely while testing at the same time ensuring no cross contamination or disclosure of sensitive data to unauthorised parties.           

Fast & reliable

The verified process ensures data's transferred fast and reliably time after time.


The Mediastation integrates seamless with existing systems and workflows both as networked device and standalone solution.


The MediaStation can be fully customised to your needs ensuring your procedures and policies are followed every time!

Forensically Copy Memory Cards to

Optical Media

Direct support for Optical Media CD, DVD, DVD 8.5GB, BD 25 - 100GB media.

The Cloud

Send data securely from the MediaStation to the cloud.  

Other Features

Apps - for specific tasks

MediaStation comes preloaded with a default set of applications to carry out common tasks. Additional apps can be built to your requirements.

Multi tasking

Multiple tasks are combined and carried out simultaneously ensuring that processes are completed in the optimum time possible.

WORM media support

Write data to WORM media (write once read many) this is the ideal media for evidence and archive storage as once written the data cannot be changed and is secure for up to 50 years. MediaStation supports CD, DVD and Blu Ray media.

MD5 / SHA-1 check sums

Digital finger prints can be created at the time of capture these can be logged as part of an audit trail and stored alongside the data

Duplicate media

Duplicate CD's,DVD’s and Blu Ray discs

Video to DVD or Blu Ray

Convert videos to a standard video discs playable in DVD and BLu Ray players.

Forensic image copy

A forensic copy of the memory takes all data from the device, including hidden sectors and files that have been marked as deleted. The forensic image can be opened in standard forensic tools on a PC or natively in mac and unix environments.

Touchscreen Controls

The touchscreen provides a familiar user experience and ensures little to no training is required.

Viewer software

Our royalty-free image viewer software can automatically be written to discs to ensure data can easily be viewed, displayed, and printed without the costs of purchasing expensive software license.

PDF Album Creation

Automatically Creates a PDF containing metadata and optimised images for fast transfer via email and other limited capacity transfer solutions.