Petasite libraries use the Sony Optical Disc Archive drives and cartridges.  The system starts with a Single 7U unit the ODS-L30M.

Expandable with up to 5 Extension Units

The ODS-L30M forms the basis of the PetaSite scalable library that is easily scalable with ODS-L60E (Drive and Cartridge) and ODS-L100E (Cartridge only) extension units. 

The ODS-L60E extends the PetaSite, scalable library operating longside the ODS-L30M and ODS-L100E (Cartridge only) expansion units, while the ODS-L100E extends the PetaSite, scalable library operating alongside the ODS-L30M and ODS-L60E (Drive and Cartridge) expansion units. 

Up to a maximum of five expansion units can attach to the ODS-L30M to make a single 42U library offering a maximum of 535 cartridges (2.9 PB), depending on the extension units used.

Flexible System Expansion

How Much can you store?

Start with a Single 30 Slot ODS-L30M 

7U Rack space


30 Cartridges

14U Rack space


130 Cartridges

Add a ODS-L100E 

28U Rack space


330 Cartridges

Add two ODS-L100E 

42U Rack space


535 cartridges

Add five ODS-L100E 

How fast can you transfer data?

Start with a Single 30 Slot ODS-L30M and two drive.
Each drive can read upto 375 Megabytes a second 3 Gbps) and write upto 187.5 Megabytes a second (1.5 Gbps) with verification.   

7U Rack space

4 Gbps

30 Cartridges

750MB/s read & 375MB/s write 

14U Rack space

12 Gbps

90 Cartridges

Add a ODS-L60E and 4 more drives

2250MB/s read & 1125MB/s write 

28U Rack space

20 Gbps

150 Cartridges

Add two ODS-L60E and 8 more drives
3750MB/s read & 1875MB/s write 

42U Rack space

44 Gbps

330 cartridges

Add five ODS-L60E and 20 more drives

7500MB/s read & 3750MB/s write