Many individuals and businesses are finding that over the years they are producing ever increasing volumes of data that need secure storage. We offer an excellent solution that solves this increasingly relevant problem.

If you are looking for a genuine s3 to tape software solution we offer a high performance object storage system called Point Archival Gateway. This solution archives billions of files straight onto tape from S3. A lot of solutions do not offer genuine s3 directly to tape but Point Archival gateway does. This solution also supports tape libraries. When these are combined it makes archiving and storing hundreds of petabyte of data a possibility.

The impressive scalability PAG offers means it can comfortably handle transfer rates of over 1 PB per day. This impressive scalability is also seen on the standardized S3 REST API. It offers almost unlimited parallelization and extremely high data transfer rates. The fact it uses an S3 REST API also means that it will be suitable for the new and existing apps that support object based storage 

Benefits of PAG

  • Genuine S3 to tape solution. Tape technology is also very cost effective compared with hard disk-based solutions with similar capacity.
  • Users are able to work whichever storage system they like without having to make any extra adjustments to the software.
  • The archiving functions PAG offers means your data is protected and is compliant with laws and regulations.
  • Perfect for massive volumes of data. PAG can handle billions of files with ease. The high-performance transfer ensures that storing and archiving jobs are completed extremely quickly. This also means data can be brought back and accessed quickly too