In modern times businesses and organisations are for the most part, storing unstructured data in file systems and more frequently in object & cloud storage. Cloud & object storage have many benefits with regards to inactive data in particular. This has lead to the need to migrate or replicate files to cloud & object storage
This is where Point Data Replicator comes in. With File-to-Object and S3-to-S3 replication customers can easily migrate their file-based data from any file system to any S3 cloud or object store.

With the shift towards cloud technology we are seeing more and more data being stored this way. This has lead to an overlooked security risk. In many cases, data stored in the cloud or in on-premises object storage is very rarely backed up because it's believed to be secure. This oversight is negligent when your data is crucial or sensitive.
the benefits offered by cloud services such as high availability and redundancy do not protect your data from human error, ransomware, malware or technology failure. Therefore, cloud and object data need to be diligently backed up or replicated elsewhere. ideally these backups will be on a separate storage technology, in a different location and in the same format as stored in the cloud or object storage. PoINT Data Replicator is the ideal solution for the scenarios mentioned above.  

Benefits & Advantages

  • Migration from legacy file systems to modern object storage
  • Protection of cloud and object store data
  • Integration of tape by PoINT Archival Gateway
  • Protection against ransomware, malware, human error, or technology failure
  • Direct S3 access to replicated data on the target system