PoINT Storage Manager provides the ideal software-based solution to rising demands for speed, availability, capacity and cost pressures. As well as taking a file’s life cycle into account, the three-level tiered storage architecture of the PoINT Storage Manager also uses the ideal storage technology for each stage of the cycle.

Key Features

  • File archiving and tiering
  • Retention management
  • Replication
  • Integrating cloud and object storage
  • Data protection & security

PoINT Storage Manger is available in three editions

Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Edition provides all functionally along with a three-level storage architecture.

Archive Edition

Archive Edition provides an optimal solution, as it automatically transfers data to be archived to secondary storage as part of a two-tier HSM (hierarchical storage management) architecture, reducing the load on the primary storage system. The key advantage of this solution is that archived data can still be accessed through the primary storage system’s file system, making it fully transparent. Expensive primary storage therefore needs to be upgraded less often, and the available primary storage capacity can be used optimally, for active data. The archived files are given WORM protection, guarding against accidental or willful modification.The amount of primary storage requiring backup is also significantly reduced, as only the directory entries of archived data need to be stored. This results in savings on backup media, a reduction in required backup storage space, and a significant reduction in backup and restore times.

Migration Edition

Migration Edition offers a simple solution for migrating data in a time of technological change and constantly rising data volumes. 

Migration addition allows for data to be put in place on the new storage device via a stubbing process, files are then transparently passed through to the new storage when accessed during the migration period.

Source Devices

  • NAS - Any NAS product offering CIFS access
  • EMC - VNX
  • EMC - Unity
  • NetApp - FAS Series
  • Microsoft - Windows Server based systems

Target Devices