A starter system ideal for the camera owner / operator or a small studio is Sony’s single user solution - a choice of stand-alone drives. These USB drives plugs directly into compatible Macintosh and Windows computers. They provide a desktop solution that is ideal for long-term file protection and management, and are an easy choice because a  cartridge loaded with multiple discs functions as a single unified volume.


  • Fast Transfer Speeds
    Provides an average read rate of 2 Gbps (250 MB/s) and an average write rate of 1 Gbps (125 MB/s) with verify.
  • Long Life - write-once (WORM) and rewritable large volume media – stores  from 300 GB to 3.3 TB in a single data cartridge Virtually data migration-free system
  • Fast random file access to data files
  • Easy-to-connect USB 3.0 interface
  • Open Platform Architecture-Universal Disk Format (UDF)
  • Supplied with Content Manager license


The ODA cartridges are compatible with the petasite library system.  The standalone drive can provide a simple DR solution for remote sites and offline access to cartridges that have been removed from the library.

Learn more about Optical Disc Archive

Learn more about Optical Disc Archive