An entirely new optical disc-based storage system is the Optical Disc Archive. The system involves the use of multiple bare discs contained within a very robust cartridge and a dedicated disc drive unit with an associated software driver able to manipulate discs individually—providing a seamless read/write capability.

Petabytes of storage Capacity

ODA can be utilised in different scales and for various applications across a wide range of industries, based on its longevity and accessibility.
For example, from a laptop-based compact archive to a huge data centre solution.

Generation 3 cartridges are 5.5TB each and rated for more than 100 years life.

5.5TB+ Archive/Backup with a stand-alone drive

A starter system is a stand-alone drives. These USB drives plugs directly into a computers.  Store 5.5TB on each cartridge, store on shelf in normal office environment.

165TB+ Archive/Backup with a library system

Scalable archive solution with Petasite ODA library  - upto 165TB in 30 slot library

29PB+ Data centre solution

Large data centre-type solution with multiple Petasite libraries.  Scale to petabytes of data example below shows over 29 Petebytes in 10 42U racks this solutions consumes a maximum of 7KW of electric.


Long Life

  • Using new generation high-capacity optical disc “Archival Disc”
  • More than 100 years life by ISO based acceleration testing


  • Durable and resilient in a wide range of environmental conditions
  • Water disaster resistant
  • Readable more than one million times

High Speed

  • Average read rate of 250MB/s*
  • World’s first 8-channel optical drive unit*
  • “On-the-fly” verification for error-free recording

*Generation 2


  • UDF format for random access
  • Non-contact read/write technology
  • Minimized number of switching recording media


  • Extremely low TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • Only 700W needed to manage 2.9PB data
  • Generation compatibility minimises migration cost

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